Fitness Pie! (Ramblings of Personal Trainer, Finsbury Park)

If there’s one thing that I don’t like, it’s comparing the body to another object. Mostly because objects are inanimate, and the body is all singing and all dancing bag of muscle and bones.

The most common one is being compared to a car probably because it needs fuel in it, and you won’t set off on a long journey without putting fuel in and probably checking the oil and water just to make sure it functions well. Somehow they make all that have some kind of connection to the body but it doesn’t really make sense.

But saying that I have been given the task of writing a blog that compares fitness to a pie or a fitness pie analogy, so let’s go.

My first problem is that they mention pie and now I’m hungry. And I’m probably going to be hungry until I get to the end of writing this blog and I haven’t decided how long it’s going to be yet so by the end I might just eat my words!

The second thing is I don’t like pie. What! You say you don’t like pie. No, I don’t like pastry and liquid, gravy, together and I know you’re going to come at me and say it’s not like that. But I don’t think I can ever get past that; a pie will always be runny gravy and pastry.

Saying that I have seen one pie I like the look of. There’s a nice garden centre that a friend and I go to that sells gorgeous cakes and they also sell pies. I think their pie looks nice, my friend says it looks dry but to me, it doesn’t look wet. There’s no gravy.

Well, let’s get on with a Fitness Pie analogy. If we take all the pie elements and start with the pastry crust which is normally like a puff pastry layer and crispy. For me this is like your body it holds everything inside I’m not saying that your skin is a little bit crispy I was just in that moment of tasting pastry.

The pastry crust is your container, it is all about the self-care that you do for yourself. This is the sleep that you give yourself, the thoughts that you think about yourself and the way that you physically care for yourself. It’s all the daily tasks you do, brushing your teeth, moisturiser, suntan lotion, brushing your hair, literally everything on the outside so the outside is so beautiful and clean.

And like pastry, it is made of lots of little different things all coming together to make a beautiful thing.

Inside are all the other bits that that you do and I’m going to call the meat and the vegetables your nutrition. It’s kind of obvious or cheats to use those but if you put in quality ingredients meat if you eat it, and vegetables that go nice together then you get a beautiful taste. Simple really.

In between the meat and/or vegetable nutrition is the gravy element. This is your exercise. I want to call it gravy because gravy is runny and runny moves a bit like exercise, cardiovascular exercise. In colder pies, the gravy element is a bit more solid, and I call this your weight training. It has a bit more structure, as your muscles have more structure.

You need to have a bit of both to make the exercise effect and for the pie to taste nice. (Obviously, I use broad similarities and hearsay.)

There is one thing more a pie needs, and that’s the seasoning and the herbs and/or spices. They represent for me your mindset. Our health, fitness, nutrition and self-care need to have a focused mindset, it is important that we approach the care of our bodies the best we can to be the best we can be. It’s not a case of ticking the health and fitness boxes, that only makes a mundane pie, we want a pie that tastes good, looks good and that we want to have again.

Season your life with your mindset, make it taste good and enjoy your fitness pie with love.

What’s in your pie?

Happy Valentines