1. What is Feeling Fantastic Over Forty all about?

I created the ‘Feeling Fantastic over Forty’ programme because I wanted to offer an alternative to personal training.  Feeling fantastic is about a lifestyle where you feel confident, understand and love yourself and have the knowledge to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Health, fitness and wellbeing is not a quick-fix programme, it about living your life in the best way possible.

Reaching a weight loss goal or fitness goal is the start of a new lifelong journey to Feeling Fantastic Over Forty!

It’s not all about a restrictive diet and hardcore PT sessions but it is about holding you accountable to ensure that you achieve your goals. It’s about having a constant reminder of what you’ve set out to achieve and to help you to your eyes on the result. It’s about creating a programme that you can follow easily.  You can go out and have a good time knowing that you can get yourself back on track quickly and you don’t beat yourself up for it. After all, we need to enjoy our lives!

  1. What kind of women join the ‘Feeling Fantastic over Forty’ programme?

If you’re reading this then mostly women just like you!  I can’t say that all my clients do similar types of job and I can’t say that all my clients have similar weight issues. I can’t say that all my clients are mothers, married or single, it really depends on whether what I say appeals to YOU! Many of my clients are busy professional women with family responsibilities which means that they end up at the bottom of their list of priorities, and they find it hard to find time for themselves. As a result they comfort eat and eat unhealthily to get the energy to keep spinning all of these plates, they don’t have time to exercise because of their commitments and they end up in a cycle of feeling bad and not having the time to do anything about it.

The Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme is a programme designed for women in their 40’s and above.  Once we hit forty our bodies change and it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in shape or shift that unwanted body fat that we have started to notice.

Often I find that my clients go on to do a variety of fitness challenges.  Their new found energy and confidence leads them to push themselves further and do a 10K run or a triathlon. Sometimes they want to restart a sport or hobby they enjoyed when they were younger.  I don’t come up with these ideas – it generally comes from them!

Check out the Success Stories page.

  1. What makes you different from other personal trainers?

I lost weight and improved my fitness and wellbeing in my early forties. As I went through that process I knew I could use my methods and help other women feel the way I did.  I also knew from years of being caught up in fad diets and other people’s ideas about losing weight and how I ‘should’ look that this stuff didn’t work on a generic scale.  Your health, fitness and wellbeing is such a personal thing, how could one size fit all?

Yes, I’ve taught group fitness classes in the past, but the more I did it I realised not everyone in that class progresses at the same rate, training is such a personal thing and everyone reaches their goals at a different pace.

I have many tools in my wellbeing toolbox from years of learning and experience that I use in different ways to get results.  I may have two clients with the same goal but because I make it personal for each one, I may have to go about reaching the goal in different ways.

The results are the client’s not mine and I care deeply about what you personally want to achieve.

  1. Why would I work with you?

You would want to work with me because you want RESULTS!  But also because you want a programme that you can follow for the rest of your life, something you know works for you and you can do independently.

You may like the way I train and teach and you connect with me in that way.  When I’ve been learning I always without a doubt learn more from someone I like and engage with.  For me these relationships are very important and I want to know my teacher has my best interests at the forefront of his/her mind.

The Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme is so personalised that it’s impossible for me to have anything but your best interests at the forefront of my mind.

And if you don’t like the results after you’ve followed my programme I have a money back guarantee.

Making changes to anything in your life is such as personal thing. I know how hard it is to make these changes and kick those habits that you’ve had for years. Not only do I help you to improve your nutrition and fitness; I also work with your mindset because that’s where the magic of long-term transformation really takes place.

I offer a free complimentary chat to discuss your health, fitness and wellbeing issues. Please take advantage of it, it’s completely FREE!  Use the Contact page

  1. I have tried everything, how do I know this will work?

In the words of Thomas Edison when inventing the lightbulb, “I knew this had to work because everything else I had tried failed.”  By trying other options that don’t work at least you have eliminated them as choices.

‘Feeling Fantastic over Forty’ is designed so that you can continue using it forever or as long as you want to.  The reason that most programmes don’t work is because they don’t provide a continuous path once the first big goal has been met.  The ‘Feeling Fantastic over Forty’ programme gives you the tools, knowledge and consistency to continue using and feeling fantastic.

I have total belief that together we can make this programme work for you to achieve your results because I use all my knowledge and skills to make it happen for you!!!

Read the page Success Stories about other people who it has also worked for.

  1. What results can I expect?

You will begin to see results in four weeks.  I often say it takes four weeks for YOU to see results, eight weeks for your friends and family and twelve weeks for the rest of the world!

You should expect to lose up to 7 lbs in the first four weeks, generally when we change our nutrition and our fitness routine there is a dramatic change immediately as the body responds.  Over a period of time these will level off (plateau) and then we need to make more changes to reach new goals.

The biggest thing to notice is how you feel, this I find is the biggest change people start to see. They start feeling really down on themselves because they don’t like themselves and life feels hard to manage, once they begin looking after themselves and noticing how this makes them feel they begin to really blossom into the real them…I love that part! Seeing my clients transform is one of my greatest joys!

You’ve heard that saying ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, well it’s totally true and very easy to do when you are looking after yourself.  And when you don’t sweat the small stuff, you really Feel Fantastic!

  1. How long are your programmes and why?

My 121 programmes are six months initially (across all programmes).  You may start on the 121 weight loss programme and then move into performance/movement or you may start on trying to improve movement and then move into weight loss. You might be living with cancer and then move into performance or weight loss as you recover.

I start with a six month minimum plan because I believe it takes about that time to get you into a new nutritional pattern and also a pattern of exercise that fits with your life.  Feeling Fantastic Over Forty is about creating a lifestyle that is easy to manage and gives you a life that you love.  The longer you practice living a healthier life, the more it becomes the norm for you and the less you slip back into old ways and the life that wasn’t serving you.

  1. Where do you train?

I am based in Finsbury Park, North London.  I work out of a gym and you can come and train with me there.  There are no joining fees and the facilities are excellent.

I also train in local parks in North London and in Central London and use my own equipment.  See the Locations page

The other option is training you in your home.  This works for mothers with toddlers and we take advantage of their nap times to get a workout in or if you would simply prefer to workout at home.

And if you’re not local to me don’t worry – we can still work together!  I can work with you online to help you achieve your goals. I use Skype for online sessions and these can be recorded so that you can refer back to them after the sessions and a have online exercise programmes available too.

So if you want to work with me YOU get to decide what you want to achieve and HOW you want to achieve it!

  1. What is the Recovery to Fitness programme?

I created the recovery to Fitness programme to work with women diagnosed with cancer.  Unfortunately cancer is a fact of life and affects many people. It’s also an issue that should be acknowledged and patients need to know that there is help out there for them to feel better.

People living with cancer often feel like they are having a really rough time. Treatment really puts the body through the ringer and can make you feel awful. Some days can be really bad and others can be okay.  Keeping healthy with the right nutrition and keeping active can really help the during treatment process and beyond. With this programme it’s all about me listening to the client and working with them to help improve their strength through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

NOTE: This programme also works for people recovering from other life changing illness or injury.

  1. Can I speak to some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Yes, I am more than happy for you to speak to any of my previous clients.  You can speak clients that have done the programme you’re thinking about doing. Who would you like to speak to?  Let me know at alison@feelingfantasticoverforty.co.uk

  1. I want to do this, will it cost me a lot of money?

The fact that you’re still reading tells me that you are seriously thinking about making some big changes!  This is a really important time in your life; if you want to see change then there’s no time like the present! I have a mantra, “It’s only too late if you don’t start now’’ and that’s because if you start now you will feel better faster and for longer!

It may feel hard at the beginning but that’s why I’m here, it’s MY job to help you to make these changes happen!

So congratulations for making the big step of making changes and Feeling Fantastic Over Forty!!! This is an investment in YOU –  this is going to be the one time that you say ‘I AM NUMBER 1’ and ‘I DESERVE TO FEEL FANTASTIC.’  Put in a short-term investment for the length of the programme and achieve results that are sustainable for the rest of your life!

Remember there is a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your achievements at the end of the programme.

  1. A Money back guarantee, what’s that?

Exactly that. I am so confident that my programme works that at the end of your programme if you are not happy with the progress and achievements you have made I will give you your money back. No questions asked and no hard feelings. However you need to have followed the programme I have given you.  I have never yet given out a money back refund because the programme works. I have the guarantee there for your peace of mind.

  1. Do you have any other questions that I haven’t answered?

Maybe you’re wondering how can this fit into my life? Book in for a complimentary call with me and we can chat about that.  Totally free and completely complimentary.  Use the Contact page

I’m a technophobe – what’s Skype?  I can direct you to some videos on Youtube that will show you how to set you up Skype.  And I have my tech guys on hand to help too.  Skype is a free service which allows us to talk to each other face-to-face if you have a camera or without seeing each other if you’re not happy with that.   Most computers these days have cameras but Skype still works without the camera.

I want to do this but I travel a lot, it always gets in the way when I try and get in shape! Let’s have a chat and I can offer up some other options and alternatives to help you.  Because if you want to make a change then I like to do whatever it takes to help make it happen.  And remember I have an online service available with exercises programmes to follow whilst you are away.  Use the Contact page

I hate exercise – how will you work with that?  Take advantage of the complimentary call, and tell me exactly why you hate exercise. What do you hate? It’s important to me that understand situations like yours so I would love to have the opportunity to chat with you. (PS You’re not the only one!)  Use the Contact page

I’m bedridden what will you do about that?  I would love to chat with you and see if and how I can help.  I am always thinking of ideas so you would be seriously expanding my knowledge.  The complimentary call is there for you, please use it!  Use the Contact page

Any other questions…

  1. How do we get started?

Congratulations, I am so excited that you have made this decision, I can’t wait to see you transform and feel great!

Contact me to arrange our initial, free chat.  I call it our ‘getting to know you call’ because it’s the start of us getting to know each other. The form comes directly to me, I will be in touch to arrange the call at a convenient time for both of us.

  1. And if I have any further questions, can I contact you?

Of course!  Email me at alison@feelingfantasticoverforty.co.uk and I will get back to you within 24 hours. (If you’re emailing at the weekend I may take slightly longer to get back to you).

Congratulations for taking action!!!

I am so looking forward to meeting and find out more about you and your goals!

Life really does begin after 40!