Recovery to Fitness


This programme is for women who are recovering from illness and injuries – it’s designed for you to incorporate exercise in your recovery and get your life back after a big setback. When you’re feeling a bit better it’s common to want to get your movement, strength and fitness back as quickly as possible. It’s easy to push yourself too hard too soon, or start comfort eating if you’re out of action and end up with your fitness levels back at square one. If you’ve been through cancer treatment or are recovering from an injury, it’s common to feel one or more of the following:

* You don’t know where to start

* You don’t know what to do next

* You’re scared, nervous and anxious

* If you’re injured you’re worried it might happen again

* You’re worried you will do damage to yourself if you exercise whilst suffering from an illness

All of these feelings are completely understandable. You’re bound to feel uncertain and unsure about getting back into fitness, especially if your life has been a never-ending series of hospital appointments. You need to ease back into it gently and be guided by someone who has experience of training cancer patients and women that suffer from other serious illnesses/injuries.

You may have received medical advice to rest and reduce your physical activity. If you’re experiencing pain, a rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath, then exercise isn’t recommended. However new research has shown that exercise is safe and possible during cancer treatment. It can drastically improve your energy levels and quality of life if done correctly. If you’ve been injured we work around the injury, in as pain-free a way as possible, using modified exercises that are specific to your injury. The programme is tailored specifically to your situation and needs, as everyone’s experience of illness/injury is very different. The aim is to get you feeling back to your best at a pace that suits you and your circumstances. Everyone recovers at a different pace and it’s important not to compare yourself to anyone else that’s been in a similar situation. I am here to hold your hand through your recovery to fitness – doing this work gives me so much joy and fulfilment to see women who have been through tough times come out of the other side, fighting fit and ready to conquer the world!

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