Success Stories

Before I started working with Alison I felt like I was in a lazy rut! I was lethargic, overweight and my confidence levels had slumped.


I did not have objections about working with Alison, except I already knew the type of person that I wished to train me, someone that would listen to what my goals were, had a sense of humour, personable. All the things that Alison turned out to have, it was refreshing.


The process of working with Alison has been very enjoyable – I achieved the results that I wanted at that time. I always looked forward to the training sessions. I came away in pain, but always enjoyed the sessions, and the discreet way in which Alison always made sure that I challenged myself.


The best result is that the experience has given me the confidence to know that I can achieve my goals again. And I have made a friend!

Jenny Jean-Charles, Finsbury Park


Being over 40, I felt I should start trying to keep fit. I had joined a gym previously, but I quickly lost interest. I joined another and had two sessions with Alison as part of the membership offer. I loved them! They were early in the morning and really set me up for the day – I felt wide awake, enthused and virtuous! So once the trial sessions were over I signed up as a client and now see Alison regularly for that morning pick-me-up!


My biggest concerns were finding the time and also whether it would be value for money. I do manage to find the time and the sessions are definitely great value for money!


The process has been great, we agree goals or areas to target and Alison then suggests a variety of exercises to reach those goals. We rarely do the same exercise for more than a couple of sessions so nothing gets stale and it always feels like a good workout. Alison is knowledgeable, good fun and upbeat – just what you need at 7.00 a.m!


The best result for me is that I have carried on exercising for more than three years and no longer suffer from back pain.

Thanks Alison!

Liz Brown, Crouch End


Before I started training with Alison I wasn’t doing much exercise and I wasn’t watching what I was eating. I can’t believe that Alison and I have only been working together for two months! I’ve had some really amazing results and it’s lovely when people are noticing and commenting on the fact that I’m looking great!


It’s not been as tough as I thought it would be but the results are the proof that the sessions really are working, it just shows that if you work in the right way then it all just comes together!


I haven’t been sticking rigidly to the nutrition changes but I’m not finding it as tough as I thought it would be. You just need to be a bit more organised which has been good for me. At the beginning it was a bit tricky as I was working at the Olympics and the meal options weren’t in line with Alison’s plan, I did my best though.


Clothes are feeling a lot looser on me and regular exercise is starting to get a bit easier. The fact that we’re working every week and getting steady results means that the changes will be long term, I don’t have to worry about slipping back into bad habits! I’m looking forward to what the next few months will bring and the changes still to come…


The best result so far is seeing the changes on Fridays when we check my results against my goals!

Sharon Young, London


I first met Alison at the end of 2008 when I wasn’t in control of my health and fitness.


All of our sessions were telephone-based and it was well worth making time for them.


Over the years she has worked with me to put in place a fitness and nutrition regime which has enabled me to eat the right foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle and figure, and most importantly have fun whilst making the changes!


Alison is very motivational and knowledgeable in her subject and has not let me off the hook – essential when you have goals to reach! She pushes you to succeed in a nice way and makes you believe in yourself. Thanks Alison, it is great to know that you’re there!

Alison Mannell, Tunbridge


Before I started working with Alison I was feeling unfit and overweight. I had not undertaken any regular exercise since my school days, had problems with back pain and was unhappy with my shape.


I had plenty of objections before working with Alison. I went to the first session feeling very apprehensive because the gym made me nervous, I didn’t know what to wear and I didn’t know where to start with an exercise programme. In fact, I didn’t really want to start.


Then I met Alison.


We hit it off straight away. I explained that I hated exercise but felt that it was time to learn how to do it properly. She listened patiently, understood where I was coming from, assessed me professionally and clearly thought I might be a bit of a challenge!


Within weeks I saw my body shape change for the better and started walking up escalators at tube stations as well as running for buses. My clothes were suddenly too big, and my back problems went away. I began to enjoy exercise.


Alison suggested that I might enjoy running outdoors. I said that I would rather die!!!


A few weeks later I found myself joining Alison’s Saturday morning running club and within months had run my first 5k race. I have since run a couple of 10k races and completed the Paris half marathon in March 2010. I run with a group of friends twice a week. I love it!

Kate Emms, Islington


I am a goddess sized woman of a certain age with knees that are a bit worn out. I don’t have a particular yearning to Cossack dance across the room, however I wanted to be able to squat gracefully (extremely handy in many circumstances) and run up stairs without looking like I’m about to have a heart attack when I’ve got to the top.


I signed up with Alison for six months and work with her between 1 and 2 times a week at the gym. My aim is to gain flexibility, strength and to lose weight. I’m certainly stronger, more flexible and I have definitely lost weight!


Alison’s way of demonstrating what she wants is usually to show someone. I am blind and she has had to find another way to explain the particular stance she wants me to adopt. Whilst I wouldn’t recommend cliff top walking with Alison (well not until she gets some gloves with an “L” on her left mitt and an “R” on her right one), she is clear at explaining what she wants me to do in such a way that I usually get it first time around.


Alison has encouraged me to doing things I never thought I could or would do. These days I can be found happily (well mostly) swinging 16 kilo kettle bells and skipping around the studio, if not totally fairy-like, certainly with a great deal of energy and with a big smile on my face.


In the course of our working together, the gym often echoes with cackles of laughter for Alison injects a big dose of humour into strenuously working out! The business of getting fit is not always full of joy. When I’m feeling daunted by the goals I’ve set and the struggle to meet them, Alison listens to my woes and provides a sensible perspective which encourages me to keep going.


If you’re looking for a personal trainer who is experienced, well-qualified, skilled, encouraging and persistent, Alison is your woman.

Kirsten Hearn, Finsbury Park


Before I started working with Alison I went to the gym a couple of times a week, if the weather was okay sometimes I’d go outside but I’m generally a gym person.  I started training with Alison in the January and we worked outside in the park.  I had reservations because of the snow and the cold, and it was cold and sometimes raining but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!


I have enjoyed every minute of working with Alison – I enjoyed being outdoors. I appreciate the time and effort that she put into working with me.  The best aspect of working with Alison? It’s difficult to decide, because there are many good things! Motivation is one of them – I get very motivated but she somehow gives me that motivation to take home with me which lasts all day and all week.  I use the exercises that she has taught me and I also like the way that she works with my body and my mind.  She understands how my body works and how my mind works and she trains both aspects, it’s great.

Monica Germana, Holloway