Feeling Fantastic over Forty

I am passionate about women feeling great about themselves

Feeling Fantastic over Forty

I am passionate about women feeling great about themselves

I am Alison Graham
I am buoyant about life and enjoy making it fun.

Alison Graham
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What is Feeling Fantastic over Forty all about
Below is a short video about my methods of training

My Story

I am a personal trainer and educator in the fitness industry. I work with women over forty who want to feel fantastic again…

Are you a woman over 40 who wants to lose weight, get fitter and feel fantastic

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The Programme

I need to lose some weight, but more importantly I need to know how to keep it off…

FAT: Get if off and Keep it off

Recovery to Fitness

Online PT, Running & Workshops

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Success Stories

“The process of working with Alison has been very enjoyable – I achieved the results that I wanted at that time. I always looked forward to the training sessions. I came away in pain, but always enjoyed the sessions, and the discreet way in which Alison always made sure that I challenged myself.”
Jenny Jean-Charles, Finsbury Park

“My biggest concerns were finding the time and also whether it would be value for money. I do find the time and it is definitely value for money”
Liz Brown, Crouch End

“Clothes are feeling quite a bit more baggy and exercise is starting to feel a bit easier and also the fact that we are working every week and getting steady results will mean that the changes will be long term!! I am looking forward to what the next few months brings and the changes still to come…..”
Sharon Young, London

“Alison is very motivational and knowledgeable in her subject and has not let me off the hook which is great when you have goals to reach. She pushes you to succeed in a nice way and makes you believe in yourself. Thanks Alison, it is great to know you are there.”
Alison Mannell, Tunbridge

“Within weeks I saw my body shape change for the better and started walking up escalators at tube stations and running for buses. My clothes were suddenly too big, and my back problems went away. I began to enjoy exercise.”
Kate Emms, Islington