The Feeling Fantastic over Forty Programme

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You have a general idea of how to lose weight but not actually HOW to lose it!
  • Your previous methods of weight loss no longer work.
  • You’ve lost weight but your weight loss has slowed down and in fact it feels like you’re gaining weight again
  • You don’t know who to listen to, there’s so much information out there and most of it is conflicting.
  • You believe that it’s harder to lose weight and feel fantastic over forty.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, I want you to know that…

You are not alone…

How the distribution of fat changes the body shape

There is so much conflicting information about health, fitness and weight loss in the media and magazines it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.  Even the government joins in on putting out conflicting information.

I constantly see so many adverts telling us about “the next best thing” – different pills, shakes, meal replacements, detox programmes and the latest fitness craze.  It’s easy to be seduced by them and spend time and money trying them out, but the weight still keeps creeping back on.

The latest craze is just the same as the last one, but just packaged differently!


I want you to know there is a solution.  I have worked hard to find it and I want to share it with women who yearn and deserve to feel fantastic.

The solution is the Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme!

What is the Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme?

The programme is specifically designed for YOU if you’re a woman over 40 who yearns to feel confident and in control of your health, fitness and wellbeing.  You want to lose weight, look good and feel vibrant and confident.

You’re looking for the focus, motivation and energy to get fit and feel sexy again.

This exclusive programme is tailored to your individual needs to deliver the results you desire. It includes nutritional advice, metabolism boosting exercise sessions, recipes, home cooking options and working with mindset to make sure that you’re ready and motivated to achieve your goals.  You’ll be creating a new and improved lifestyle that fits around your busy life which produces the results that you dream of. And just as importantly, the programme makes it easy for you to maintain your results.

The Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme is all about the results. It’s an investment in your body confidence, positive self-image and a massive improvement in the quality of your life.

Here are the steps and how they work:

  1. Mindset                                                                         

Your mind is your most powerful tool.  It’s also the one thing that will keep you where you are, in your comfort zone where nothing changes. Together we work to alter your mindset to develop more motivation and positivity when it comes to exercise.   Even though you’ve made improvements to your nutrition and exercise, after a while it’s still easy to slip back into old ways because you’ve created habits over a long period of time. To change your mindset, we create a new habit – new beliefs.  This can take a while and you will need support, but you will get there because the programme is all about providing the support to create a new, stronger mindset.


  1. Goal Setting

Clear goal setting and knowing what you want is key to achieving your goals.  But it’s about going that little bit further; maybe you want to lose 10kg but I want to know what you will be doing differently after you have lost 10kg.  When setting goals you need to be very specific about what it is you exactly want and WHY you want it.  For example, you may want to lose 10kg to feel better about yourself but what about the other, more specific reasons?  By losing the weight you’ll be able to climb the stairs easier without panting, be able to enjoy running around with your children/grandchildren and you’ll be healthier and live longer as a result.  This is just an example, you need to set your goals and work out the reasons why you want to achieve them.


  1. Making Time

This is not just turning up to our sessions but being mindful of what you are trying to achieve all the time.  I’m here to help you achieve your goals, but I also need you to turn up and be focused on achieving your goals, I can’t do it for you.  That means behaving like you already are the person you want to become –  i.e. you don’t become a doctor by only turning up to a few lectures, you need to do your homework!  So if you’ve decided you want change, commit to achieving it and remembering your WHY will help.


  1. Food Elimination and Nutrition

All the time I hear ‘I eat healthily’ and it’s not that I think people are telling lies, but I do think that they’re not being honest with themselves.  Let’s get one thing clear, you are responsible for everything you eat and drink.  And whatever diet you’re following now, you need to know that food that grows, runs, flies and swims are basically the only foods that we need to eat.

Be honest with yourself – look in your cupboards, fridge and freezer.

The foods I eliminate are processed foods, sugar (all processed sugar, naturally occurring sugar in fruit is okay), bread (it’s too easy to snack on bread), caffeine (it stimulates the body and makes you ignore hunger messages), alcohol (save it for special occasions) and dairy (getting rid of those snacking opportunities).  And bear this phrase in mind ‘PICKERS WEAR BIG KNICKERS’!!! This is about creating a lifestyle that helps you live at an optimum level so you feel great most of the time. Only then will you see permanent results.


  1. Exercise

Exercise is a non-negotiable in a health and fitness programme.  But what’s really important is that you enjoy what you are doing! Sometimes you may need to do new things, but it’s about being open to allowing change to happen. It’s also about the results that you desire. I worked with my sister on a ski-fit programme, she said “don’t make me run! I don’t like running.” I told her, (to her relief) “that’s okay – skiing and running are different so we don’t have to!”

It’s really important that you enjoy exercising!

And just because you see everyone else running, squatting or cycling doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do!

This is about creating a lifestyle that you love, giving you the results that you desire and that makes you FEEL FANTASTIC!


  1. Measure your progress

It all depends on what you want to achieve; your progress is measured constantly throughout the programme to make sure that you’re firmly on track.

I measure your progress with a combination of some or all of the following:

  • Measurements
  • Weigh-ins
  • Photographs
  • Feedback

At the beginning of the programme I do an assessment of your current fitness, so we can accurately chart your progress throughout the programme and to help you stay motivated and celebrate your achievements!


  1. Support

 I am your biggest fan and I only want the best results for you.  I will do everything in my power to help you achieve your results and goals.  And I will make sure you have planned your celebrations in advance too! Here’s to you and FEELING FANTASTIC!