Willpower v Self-belief v2Willpower v Self-Belief

Self-belief is stronger than you think…..

I read this a description of willpower the other day.
“Willpower is the motivation to exercise will. A person with strong willpower will assert decisions even in the face of strong opposition or other contradictory indicators. A person with little willpower will give in easily.
Getting what you want takes willpower, whether it means you doing something or others doing things for you. To succeed, this means first you must know

what you want. Then you must be determined to get it, even in the face of extreme difficulties.
I was looking at why some people ‘win quickly’ and some ‘win less quickly’. What I realised is that it has nothing to do with willpower but it has everything to do with self-belief.
Willpower and self-belief are the opposite ends of the scale. Willpower is external whereas self-belief is purely internal. Willpower is generally challenged by temptation whether that be by food, alcohol, lover, friend, drugs, clothes, shoes or spending. When your temptation is in front of you, you rely on your willpower to not given in, to not fail you or weaken.
Self-belief is driven from inside and is with you all the time, but it is challenged by your internal conversation and starts from within. This is really important because no end of time we are hard on ourselves, give ourselves a hard time because we ‘failed’, we don’t have strong willpower, and we are not our own best friend.
And that’s where I think that willpower is actually the easy option and the easy excuse, all we have to do is remove those temptations or not come across them and if we do and succumb then it’s ‘we have no willpower’.
Whereas self-belief lives inside us 24 hours of every day and we have to manage how we deal with that internal conversation. Internal conversation is happening all the time whether it’s I could never lose the weight, I could never look like that, I could never save that money, I will never pass those exams, I can’t run that far or that fast, I could never………and the list goes on. If you start your day with I can’t/couldn’t/won’t be able/……. it’s a really hard place to start from, you are always on your back foot. When your internal conversation is this harsh you have no self-belief at all, how can you fight against that.
Self-belief is about turning that internal conversation around so that it works in your favour (some call this mindset) you have to believe in yourself, even if it is only a little to start with because you can build on that and it will gain its own momentum.
Willpower, even though it sounds progressive can actually keep you stuck. To help with willpower we tend to remove the temptations, but what happens when we encounter them again? If we haven’t learnt to deal with it or have grown our self-belief to manage the encounter we are likely to rely on willpower and if we haven’t moved on, then that can be very very challenging.
The difference with self-belief is that we learn how to deal with challenges and know that they are only a distraction on our way to success. When we have self-belief we keep our eye on our goal and stay focused.

Willpower is about controlling.
Self-belief is all about empowering.
Concentrate on your self-belief, believe in yourself and reach your goals.