Muscular stiffness caused by our sedentary lifestyles is unlikely to go away as we become more automated and spend more time sat at computers.

It may be that you didn’t really notice that you were getting stiffer, that your mobility and flexibility seem to have reduced without you even knowing it.  That stiffness can impede the flow of your day and sap your energy, neither of which are productive in our target driven society.

This exercise sequence is a little favourite of mine and one that I often use with my personal training clients.  It is an upper body mobilisation sequences and particularly nice after a long day, first thing in the morning or preparation for swimming.  The moves work from the area between the shoulder blades and not from the waist…..make sure that you are moving the right area otherwise you won’t feel the benefits in the upper body.

Muscular stiffness will not go away overnight and mobility and flexibility, as any other exercise, will need to be practised over a period of time to feel the benefits.  The body works better in movement, keep moving, you may need to start small and work up to bigger moves.  Enjoy the video