I knowQuite often when I am answering people’s questions about health and fitness and I mention sleep, or hydration or not eating sugar or the importance of strength training or the importance of cardio vascular training I get the answer ‘I know’.  And I think oh really, do you really know?  Because if you did you wouldn’t be asking me the question.
You see the thing with really truly knowing something is that you practice it ALL THE TIME not when you feel like it or remember.

For example, here in the UK we know that we drive on the left.  And if we drove on the right then we are likely to end up in an accident.  We also know that water coming out of the hot tap is hot and likely to burn us.  We also know that we need to put fuel in our cars so we can drive them.  And we also know that we need to pay or bills to get electricity, gas and water so that we can live in our homes in comfort.
BUT then when we get our bodies, the one thing that we have that cannot be replaced we seem to think that it doesn’t matter that we don’t look after it.
Common questions I get asked are:  Why am I not losing weight?  How do I get a flat stomach?  What’s the best exercise to get a six pack?  And lots of others similar to those.
And I respond with are you getting enough sleep?  Drinking enough water?  Taking any exercise?  Are you eating biscuits and cakes?
And then I get the response.  I don’t like to go to bed for midnight and then I get up early to get to work.  I KNOW I should go to bed earlier but I can’t….
Or I drink lots of tea and coffee.  (Me:) but that’s not water.  Response I KNOW but I forget/don’t like the taste.  (My thoughts:)  yeah but you don’t forget to drive on the left

Or I try not to eat biscuits but it’s the girls at work, they bring them in and cakes for people’s birthday.  I try not to eat them but it’s hard.  Me:  but it is the sugar that is having the impact on your body.  (Response:)  I KNOW  (My thoughts:)  but you don’t know
If you really truly know then you would really truly being doing it.

Sometimes the I KNOW comes from reading an article or a friend told you or it was in the paper/on tv or on the internet.  But what you don’t know is the full story behind the information because if you did you would change your behaviour immediately because the results are more than your mind can imagine.
My top 3 tips for you to follow to have your own internal health, wealth and happiness are:

  1. 8 hours sleep every night
  2. Drink a lot of water, aim for 2 litres per day
  3. Eat three good meals a day made with the freshest ingredients, nothing out of a packet

You may be thinking that……
You only need 5 hours sleep a night and have done that for a number of years without a problem
You think you did some water but you have lots of tea and coffee and fruit drinks so that’s okay
You have three meals a day, but really they may be whilst in the go, or meals out and the odd or twice take away a week.
And you may have got by very well like that for quite a while.  If you try the 3 tips I am suggesting what you might find is that you have more energy, feel more alert, your moods/humour are much better and you stop sweating the small stuff (basically people will stop getting on your nerves as much).
You may turn out to be the much better version of yourself, probably more than you have even dreamed about but never had the chance to show it because YOU KNEW.
 It’s more than knowing, it’s doing it, living it, being it……..it’s only too late if you don’t start NOW!