new-1872736_640January Do’s and Don’ts

Happy New Year everyone, I hope that you are all well and ready for 2017.

January tends to be the make changes month some due to Christmas and New Year celebrations and some because ‘this year’s going be different’.  I totally agree with both of those reasons but let’s not go crazy in the opposite direction, be realistic about what works for you, supports you and is sustainable.


Do:  Cut down on alcohol.  Some like to go dry during January.  I don’t as January is my birthday month but I do cut back to my norm (one night at the weekend)

Don’t:  Keep eating the Christmas party food you still have left over.  Donate it to a food bank (it’s a treat for them) or bin it.

Do:  Drink more water, and by more, I mean an extra glass a day.

Don’t:  Buy into ‘Detox’ methods/diets/programmes to compensate for overeating and drinking.  Stop eating ‘the crap’.

Do:  Get enough sleep.  we can’t make up for lost sleep but we perform so much better when we are not tired.  Get ahead of the game.

Don’t:  Cut out food groups because you think you’ve eaten a lot of them.  Cut down on the amount you are eating.

Do:  Read the labels of the food you are about to buy, then put it back and buy something fresh.

Don’t:  Set unrealistic rules that are hard to maintain.  Start easy and build on the confidence.

Do:  Create daily routines that are easy to follow.  This may mean refining your morning routine to be more efficient or creating a night time routine that has a good impact on your morning, such as bags ready for the next day, washing up done and put away, clothes out etc.

Don’t:  Get distracted by the tv especially late night tv.  If it is that necessary to watch it record it and watch another time.

Don’t:  Set yourself up for failure.

Don’t:  Let yourself off with b*****1t excuses.  That’s why goals don’t happen.

Do:  Set yourself up for success and be kind to yourself.  If you need help, then ask for help

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