Fad Diets for Instant Gratification v Shift your Body Fat, my Lifestyle Transformation programme, these are my thoughts to help you to get fitter, stronger and healthier.  Look after your body, it is yours

The weight loss industry has got a lot to answer for.  It has created a problem but not created a solution for it that works…….it is a tragedy for all those that believe in it!

All the marketing is about being that perfect weight, size, shape as fast as possible and who cares about the consequences of those actions.  It has been so powerful with its message that men and women have become sick with the constant fluctuation with losing weight and regaining weight. Others have got totally drawn in and suffered from diseases such as anorexia and bulimia and all are struggling with mental health because of this.

This constant message of ‘you are not good enough’ is horrendous, how dare they tell you how to feel because of some rule they have made up.

Let’s STOP RIGHT THERE with these nonsense notions.  YOU ARE ENOUGH exactly how you are, I am so passionate about this it.  Stand up, throw your arms up in the air and shout ‘I AM ENOUGH’ because you are, but you may still want to lose some body fat.

There are two types of body fat.

  1. Subcutaneous fat, this lies under the skin. This is the fat that we focus on and that we grab especially around our belly and say ‘I want to get rid of this’.  It is this fat that we want to reduce to make us look and feel better.
  2. Visceral fat, this is stored in our abdomen and surrounds our main organs and is linked to heart disease and diabetes. This is the fat that we need to reduce to enable us to function better and have better health prospects.

There needs to be a healthy amount of each type of body fat.  Fat is important in the functioning of our bodies and not the all-out evil thing we have been lead to believe.  If we address our overweight ness from the health perspective then we will also achieve the aesthetic that you wish for, if we only choose the aesthetic then we are missing the value of our long-term health.

Let’s get back to fad diets and my lifestyle transformation. Really you want something that works for you day after day after day, a simple foundation for your lifestyle that supports your health and fitness.

Looking at the pro’s and cons of fad diets v my programme (Shift your Body Fat) you will be able to draw your own conclusion as to which route would suit you better for the rest of your life and I really mean to help you live longer.  You do want to be here as long as possible don’t you?  Being independent, no medication, able to get out and see your friends, with a fit and healthy body……wouldn’t you want that?

Definition of a fad diet:  One that promises you results in as quick a time as possible, that changes your habit of eating food to shake meal replacements, eliminates food groups (excluding personal or religious grounds), vast calorie reduction, appetite inhibitors, a ‘diet’ or pills.

What’s a diet?  That is what you eat every day, you have a diet.  You can’t go on a diet, you can go on a train but not on a diet because you already have a diet, although you can make changes to your diet…..good or bad.

One last thing before I launch into the pros and cons, I am a massive fan of eating, I love food but more importantly, I love food that supports a healthy lifestyle because I want to be around for a very long time.  I am looking at the longevity of living and not a fix for a beach holiday in a month’s time.  You may see that bias come out but I am also going to be fair about the fad diet instant gratification route too.

Fad Diet – pros

  1. Lose weight quickly
  2. Your friends notice
  3. Your partner notices
  4. Easy to follow guidelines
  5. Limited fuss, either buying meals or shakes


Lifestyle Transformation – pros

  1. It lasts. By consistently following the plan you will get consistent results
  2. Buy your food in high street shops and supermarket
  3. Gradual weight loss allows the skin to shrink back more proportionally, less sagging skin
  4. No feelings of hunger or denial
  5. Once into the pattern, this is easy to stay with
  6. Introduction to foods maybe not eaten or tried before
  7. Save money in the long run
  8. Able to socialise with friends
  9. Learn to put your health at number 1, the most important position
  10. It’s a new way of your lifestyle, it’s about empowerment
  11. Helps to balance hormones and reduce the chances of lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Heart Disease
  12. Bundles of essential nutrients to keep your body healthy and functioning well (metabolism)


Fad Diet – cons

  1. Unsociable, strict rules mean that eating out is problematic
  2. Hunger
  3. Irritable
  4. After finishing weight comes back quicker and more of it
  5. Costly
  6. Not designed for you to achieve results, designed to keep you coming back (and spending more money)
  7. Disempowering, you are stuck in the I’m not good enough cycle.
  8. Messes with your hormones
  9. Upsets your natural metabolism
  10. Unrealistic weight loss results
  11. Lose water, not body fat so you’re not shifting the bit that is really important, the Body Fat
  12. Cut out food groups and not balanced for nutrients
  13. Restrictive diets are hard to adhere to for any length of time
  14. Don’t encourage exercise
  15. You may feel lethargic and lacklustre
  16. Encourages yo-yo diet behaviours resulting in weight gain/weight loss


Lifestyle Transformation – cons

  1. Change is hard, but if you can see beyond the initial phase into longtime health and wellbeing you’re onto a winner.
  2. Social obstacles, your friends may not like the changes you are making and may try and draw you back to old ways
  3. Learning new ways of cooking, shopping and eating all come with a trial and error phase BUT this will pass.
  4. You will need to spend some time planning otherwise the tendency can easily be to go back to old
  5. There is an investment to being on my programme but the learning and support, motivation and guidance with longevity to make this a foundation for your life far outweigh any upfront


Summary of each

Fad diet – closed mind, instant gratification, don’t care about your health, not willing to try, willing to buy results

Lifestyle transformation – open minded, willing to commit, can see the bigger picture, concern about overall health, ask for help and support.  These are lessons for your life.

I wish I could help every woman who is stuck in that trap of low self-esteem because they don’t fit into ‘the fashionable norm’ set out by the weight loss industry.  My passion is helping women feel fantastic about themselves, I would love to be able to wave my magic wand and relieve them of this horrible feeling or not being good enough, it is a spiral of disaster.

But the truth is that I can only help those who let me know that they are ready to make this transformation to a healthier lifestyle.  Are you ready?  Are you fed up feeling like s**t?  No energy?  Feel like you are missing out on life?  Old before your age?

If you are ready and you would like my help, then Shift your Body Fat is the first place to look.  It is my Lifestyle Transformation Programme that guarantees up to 20lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

Click the link Shift your Body Fat for more information about the programme.

Life is too short and the reality is, it’s only too late if you don’t start now.  What are you waiting for?!