Over 40 and Losing Body Fat?  

Don’t Get Hung Up on the Numbers

don't get hung up on the numbers

I was talking to my client Lisa today about losing weight (really it is body fat) and why don’t get hung up on the numbers is so important.  Weight Watcher’s being weighed weekly, how many calories in this, how much have you eaten today, and how it has been used as a measure and guide of how we are succeeding. And quite frankly it is not.
Getting caught up in the numbers takes us away from how we are feeling. As a note when Lisa and I started working together we decided not to use the scales as a tracker we are using three other measures.
The first is how her clothes fit and feel. We have been working together for about 6 weeks and already her clothes fit differently, not just better but remarkably better. I would love to take the credit for that but really Lisa has got involved in the whole process, today she told me how much her eating had changed. I am so very proud and she is chuffed, although will be needing a new wardrobe soon 
Her second tracker was breathing. Lisa is involved with a stable on a Sunday and leads the little ones around on the ponies. This involves giving them a trot, she would like to do this with more ease and her breathing to be consistently easier.
The third tracker was having her think about getting on a horse and jumping again. After a fall a few years ago and damage to her hip this has been at the back of her mind, but obviously not left her and something she would like to get back to.
I am sharing this as it is a totally personal way of dealing with fitness. My personal training sessions are totally focused on the person in front of me and with such personal goals and understanding how the training and fitness is having a positive impact on her life is really important.
Personal training is about how you feel.
As we get over the 40 threshold and feel that may be we aren’t as active, energised, mobile, flexible or strong as we were it is easy to put up with that. But really it’s the things that we put up with that bring us down. We can, if we choose, to not let that getting older feeling take over and be in control of how we feel.
Don’t get hung up on the numbers, get totally in touch with how you are feeling and then make it even better.
Exercise and fitness for your own health.
Alison x 

A note from Lisa after reading this blog
Fantastic! I really do think people are so worried about the ‘numbers’ and not getting them ‘right’ that they are almost paralysed into remaining as they are rather than taking small steps towards change. When you are as heavy as I am you have to recognise that it took years to pile it on and it will take years to come off unless you do RADICAL changes to your lifestyle. Most people are not up for that – I’m not – so they should embrace the ‘slow and steady’ formula and do what they can when they can… I’m finding that sometimes I do want to eat a big meal and sometimes I don’t and I just try to listen to that and go with the flow, rather than following old habits of lots of food all the time. Something about that method seems to be working for me anyway, and of course with more than a little help from you!

Felt fab after our last session, NEED my own boxing gloves now!

L xx