What is it?  Eating clean originally came from reducing processed foods and refined sugars in our diet and then someone has gone and made it the new fitness fad……uhh!

And then with a fad are all the spin-offs from it or money making spin offs as I call them.  The fitness industry more than any other industry seems to have the new next best thing every 3 – 6 months, there is always something you should be eating, buying, training, stretching etc etc.

But being realistic there is not that much that is new, even with the clean eating.  Clean eating should really save you money because you are not buying processed foods and refined sugars, in fact, you are eating fresh food every day.  By fresh food I mean meat, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruits, fats and grains, that is about 6 or 8 aisles of my supermarket.  And you can always batch cook if you have the facility to freeze food.

Clean eating has developed into an industry within the fitness industry.  It’s become a benchmark and if you are not eating their clean then are you eating dirty.  Most likely you’re not but still, there’s an option for negativity and in an industry built on low self-esteem I find it totally unnecessary.

Back to the Horizon programme because that inspired this short piece.  I liked it.  Dr Giles Yeo who was the investigating clean eating was very much ‘you need to research’, ‘it has to be scientific, it can’t be opinion based’ and ‘where are the studies’.  It totally highlighted the use of the fear factor and buzz words that many fads are full of to sell their products.

Do I eat clean?  No, not entirely.  I cook for myself every day, I rarely drink alcohol during the week, I love potatoes, I am careful about bread because it fills me up and I can’t eat my vegetables and I drink at times quite a lot of water.  The one thing is, though, I am easy on myself.  If I have a day when I don’t feel I have eaten enough vegetables I make a concerted effort to eat enough the next day.

I am a product of what I eat and what I do with my body, as are you.  The results you get are the response to these two things.

Here’s the Horizon programme, grab a cup of tea and enjoy 🙂