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After getting my PT level 3 qualification I was allowed into the big world of health and fitness and allowed to work with people.  In my first paid PT session I thought I was going to get found out for being a fraud, luckily I didn’t and I am not.

I soon realise though that there was so much more than level 3, in fact a whole world more.  Although I didn’t realise until I had made a couple of costly mistakes when trying to open my own studio.  Not that what I know now would have saved my studio but I probably would have run it differently, it’s a powerful tool hindsight!

It was in 2013 that I met John Hardy and was introduced to, it was met in the virtual sense as John was in the US and I was in London and we met on a hangout.

I signed up to do the Specialist course and learnt with Jon Ship in Birmingham, that was awesome because he blew my mind and I’d speak to John Hardy and he’d mess it up some more.   Ha ha you may be wondering why I would continue with something that seemed so hard…..

There was something about the Faster thought process that I liked and understood, there was also the other stuff that I didn’t but I decided that is I was going to change my training to be more in this style then I really needed to understand.

I decided then that if I was going to make this work I had to turn up to anything and everything as much as I possibly could, I threw myself into it.  It was tough, but at the same time fantastic.

I then moved up a level onto the FTE (Faster Training Expert) and that was even tougher.  Not only did I have to know the Specialist level (including football and golf) which fortunately I did, I had to know all the other Faster courses.  It isn’t just knowing these courses, it is understanding them and be able to teach someone else.  It is a course that definitely makes your confidence grow, and that is what I wanted.

As an FTE I can teach the live courses and I also mentor students through courses and including students coming through the FTE level.

It is brilliant to be able to give something back, to help trainers give more value to their sessions and their clients goals and results but also to feel inspired by trainers wanting to follow in the teaching and mentoring process.  That is some of what makes being a mentor great.

I am now a Course Director, that’s the highest level.  I am writing my own courses under the Faster umbrella, and their strict guidelines for asking great questions and researching the answers.

I feel incredibly rewarded for taking the chance to change my career and lifestyle those years ago but also to realise that there is always much more to learn and Faster being a massive part of that.

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