Alternative Pancake RecipesPancakes!

I have researched 4 alternative pancakes, unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity of testing each recipe.  If I had though I’d have probably slept through the whole weekend….haha!

First up is the Gluten-free Pancake from the BBC Good Food website
I have no thoughts on gluten or gluten intolerance unless you have a proven disorder such as celiac, it is a personal choice.  Gluten is a protein and as such should not be demonised but thought of as an essential part of your diet.  It may be the forms that it comes in that disrupts your digestions and causes bloating.

Second up is the Dairy-free Pancake from the BBC Good Food website
This recipe uses almond milk.  Almond milk is manufactured (processed food) from almonds, I think of it as almond juice.

Third up is Vegan Pancakes from
This recipe has added sugar and baking powder to replace the egg in traditional recipes.  Be careful if you are already watching your sugar intake but choosing this recipe.  Often sugar is added back where fat has been removed, in this case, fat coming from the egg.

The last recipe is Sweet Potato Pancakes from
This would be the recipe that I would go for.  I like sweet potatoes, but to me, the recipe looks as though it takes longer to prepare than traditional pancake mixture.


  1. If you are following a recipe check how many pancakes it will make.  You may need to proportionally reduce the recipe so you don’t make too many.  It is easy to be blinkered to Portion Distortion on Pancake Day.
  2. The trick to a traditional great pancake is to prepare the mixture the day before and store in the fridge.  Total honesty, I am not sure if I have ever managed to do that 🙂