Now that my sound like double dutch, but it makes a lot of sense. How often have you decided to do something, set off with a mad burst of enthusiasm only to find that it’s not working you how you thought it would? You know the one, I want to lose weight, I’m going on a diet tomorrow and I’m going to stop eating so much. Does that ring true to you? I know what it’s like to make a decision and want to have the result immediately……….this is retails therapy, impulse buying ever done that? Ever wished you hadn’t?! I have. But when I have planned something it always always turns out exactly the way I want it. Such as buying a car; I thought about what I wanted, how I wanted to feel in it, I had experience of similar so I knew what I was looking for and then I looked at several, tested them all before making my purchase. It worked out exactly as I wanted it to because I planned the whole process.

How does this relate to health and well being, easy i’m talking about planning and knowing where you are. So you make the decision to lose weight because of an event of some kind or because you want to feel better, feel that you look better, you want people to notice you. That is great, making a decision is great and that decision is about you. And then we want to put a date on that, we all know when we have deadline we are more likely to complete the exercise……….if you want it then you should put a date on it.

They say in business when you are planning start with the end in mind and then get yourself there………….it works in health and well being too. This is your research time and the information you find here will help you to form the plan that will get you to the end result. It is very easy to say, I want to lose 10 kg by 31st August for example and then decided that for breakfast you will have one thing and lunch another without knowing what your eating pattern is to start with. You see if planning in this way you are making the process so much harder for yourself.

Take few days and keep a diary, a very honest diary of everything that you eat and drink and any exercise that you do. Try and include weekend days as well as week days so that you get a much bigger picture of how you operate. Then you can see very easily where you are making great choices and how they work for you, where you find it hard and are tempted by chocolate, cakes, crisps, soft drinks, tea and coffee and if you drink enough water or fluids, it is all there for you to see.

Now you can make a plan a proper plan which will include the healthy options that you like and are already having and they can be repeated during the week. You will know when you are attracted to the unhealthy options and prepare for those times; you will have a system to get you through each day knowing that you have achieved what you set out to do.

As part of your planning, look at the dates coming up and what is happening.  Don’t get caught out by birthdays, weekends away or any other celebrations and not being prepared for them.  If you know what is coming then you can plan for what you will eat, how you are going to manage the day and also be mentally prepared so you can enjoy the day as much as everyone else and not feel guilty.

Now you know where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there.  If you find that you get a little lost from your plan, work out where are you now and re-plan and carry on.

When we have decided to make changes to our bodies we want immediate results, this is completely the opposite of everything else in our lives. Everything else we keep trying and trying until we get the result we want, trying a new recipe, learning to drive, a new route to work, in fact getting used to anything new, planning, practice and patience to see the results.

Client of the Week

I’m going to be a little self indulgent here and put myself up for client of the week.  Why’s that you’re asking, well not only am I working on my nutrition for my cholesterol levels, but I’m also taking part in testing a Natures Sunshine Weight Loss programme designed with herbs to lose weight.   I need to document the results and feelings and thoughts to you, but as in my article you need to know where starting from otherwise there are no results……….

I’m test driving the Natures Sunshine programme so that I have an opinion of it and can share this information with you.  This starts on Monday 11th June so next week I shall document my weight, measurements, photographs and my thoughts on starting…….I’m excited about this.

Alison recommends

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables.

For June the following vegetables are in season and at it’s best………

Asparagus, aubergine, courgette (try them raw in salads), fennel bulb, globe artichoke, lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, new potatoes, peas, peppers, radish, sorrel, spinach, spring greens and watercress

The following vegetables are coming in to season so not quite at their best…….

Basil (herb), beetroot, cavalo nero (Italian cabbage), garlic, potato and Swiss chard.

The following fruits are at their best in June

Apricots, gooseberry, raspberry, strawberry, tomato and watermelon

And these are coming in to season

Blackcurrant, blueberry, broad beans, cherry, peach and redcurrant