personal Trainer North London | Fitness over fortyYou can get Vitamin D absolutely free of charge every day right outside your front door.  Really?  Yes, the sunshine has the best and most valuable source of vitamin D and it is free.

Get out there every day and absorb some, it is one of the best reasons to get outdoors if not the best.
Vitamin D is used for bone development, control of cellular growth, for neuromuscular functioning, proper immune functioning and alleviation of inflammation, it is very important.  A lack of vitamin D or low levels of it can lead to a weakened immune system, an increased risk of cancer, poor hair growth and a condition called osteomalacia which is weakened muscles and bones.

Also Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, so you could be putting in enough calcium but if the Vitamin D isn’t there you’re wasting a bit of your time.
Of course there is the option of taking supplements which are ideal for people who are housebound or unable to go out for long periods of time but for everyone else………..get out there as much as possible.

And supplements are synthetic they are nowhere near as good as the natural thing, your body copes so well with natural things……….chemical supplements not very well.  In fact have you noticed when you take vitamin C and multi-vitamin supplements that your pee is a very bright yellow colour even nearly fluorescent?  Well that’s a whole load of vitamin not being absorbed by the body……

So besides sunshine what foods are great sources of Vitamin D
Cod Liver Oil, high levels of vitamin D and vitamin A
Fish – Herrings, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna (if you buy any of these in a can pick the ones in oil.  Raw fish is a better source than cooked fish.
Oysters – and acquired taste (I think)
Caviar – delicious
Eggs – one of the most versatile proteins out there
Mushrooms – delicious
With an abundance of choice and the free sunshine (20 minutes unprotected every day) you can’t go wrong…………enjoy, stay strong and feeling fantastic.