I get really dismayed when people are told they need supplements in their diet and

they should take this …or they should take that…

We grow huge amounts of fresh vegetables in this country, When I go on holiday I never see as much fresh veg in the shops as I do here.

So it some what frustrates me is when people say “I need to take my vitamins and supplements”

We have so much choices and options available in terms of fresh produce. What about the roughage and the minerals which nature provides in the right portions in vegetables? Isn’t it what  vegetables were designed for, so we can grow and eat them? So why do we need something synthetic to take over from something which is natural and so good for us.

My biggest tip is to eat seasonal, its the stuff that’s supposed to come out the ground now, it’s not been forced and pumped up, its all picked at this time of year and most importantly is the cheapest thing in the shops because it’s in abundance.

So the more you eat fresh the more you can have, its local and not to mention its packed full of vitamins and minerals. The benefits are great for your skin also gives an essential boost of energy and positivity through eating them. I find when I eat vegetables i’m much more wow and sparkly! Eating fresh makes me feel positive as opposed to eating cakes and simular types of food which makes me feel low, miserable and drains me of energy an so on.

So it’s about vegetables vegetables vegetables!! all the roughage you need, a bounty of energy which it seems more and more people are not tapping into this but would be far happier taking supplements or drinking a shake??

As you can tell I’m passionate about this 🙂 I love food and the experience of it, the taste, texture and sensations it such a nice thing and gives me a lot pleasure. And just think of all the chewing your teeth are missing out on!

Whether you go organic is up to you, what I would say … eat what’s fresh, eat what’s in the shops and eat what you can afford.