Procrastination: Do I start when I am ready or am I ready when I start…… do I know?

personal trainer in North londonOh that sounds like a complete tongue twister and not making sense.

How about this one ‘I’ll open the bottle of Champagne on a special occasion OR open the Champagne and make the occasion special’.  I prefer the second option!  Make it happen!

If you wait to have that feeling that today is a good day for doing or trying something new or when something else has happened such as Christmas, New Year, kids birthdays, friend’s birthday or any other occasion that you can think of as an excuse for not starting NOW.

It’s not that you have to/need to/should/could give up everything that is bad for you all at once for absolutely forever but changing something must happen if you want different results than you are getting now.

And it can all start right now whilst you are ready this email.  You could be drinking that glass of water you thought about but didn’t get yourself.  And this can then become a habit, for every email you read you drink some water.

Buy your lunch and take it (also works for packed lunch) to the park to eat.  It’s great to get away from computers, be in nature and get some fresh air especially if you have air conditioned offices and right now get some of that all important vitamin D.  This works too in the cooler months, but I suggest a strong walk to keep yourself warm, you will feel the energy difference when you come back inside.

So don’t wait until it’s the right time or you have the right clothes or your friend wants to do it or you need to finish the cake/biscuits/other highly refined sugar and processed foods you might have in your cupboards.  Start now even if they are there.

Every day we are practicing what we are going to do tomorrow, so keep practicing to be the best you can at what you are doing.  No-one is perfect, we all get something wrong now and again but it doesn’t mean we go back to square one we carry on where we left off.

It’s only too late if you don’t start now……….