personal trainer north londonI sometimes wonder who thinks these ideas up in the government.
Gastric bands and by-pass operations for those overweight and at risk of diabetes to make it more cost effective for the NHS……..what the f**k!

Let’s get this straight, firstly not everyone who is overweight is diabetic.
And secondly educate support educate support educate support educate support educate support.
And thirdly operations on overweight people come with their own very serious risks which would also be absorbed by the NHS.
And diabetes is a reaction to our lifestyle.  So for me the emphasis needs to be in educating people about lifestyle, how to have a good one and how shit a bad one can turn out.
I am passionate about this.
Let’s imagine our body is like a sink that fills up with water (I’m ignoring the fact that we poo for this) and the tap is dripping.  The tap is dripping consistently until the water overflows all over the floor and the tap keeps on dripping and the water continues to overflow.

We decide to ‘operate’ and reduce the amount that the tap drips.  Well that would slow down the amount that the sink overflows BUT it would not stop it overflowing.
What would stop the tap dripping is investigating where the water is coming from, why it is coming from there and what can be done to stop the dripping.  And then the sink would stop overflowing completely.
The gastric band and by-pass are slowing the process of obesity but unless education and support is happening at the same time then it will not be part of the cure.

Let’s start by taking responsibility for your bodies and what we put in them.  Educate from starting school about good nutrition and what are the disastrous results that can happen if you don’t.
Stop the advertising and bullshit marketing of products that are good and healthy for you such as weight watchers cakes, healthy bars, low fat products.  All of these are loaded with sugar to make them taste nice and if you have read any of my other articles I have a passionate dislike for sugar…the silent killer.
And then it’s not about diet, it’s about lifestyle and everyone should have a choice about that.  It is everyone’s choice to live their life the way they wish to live it.  And that includes problems with circulation leading to amputation, sight problems leading to blindness, lack of libido and sexual dysfunction to name just a few, if they wish.

If any of those scare you, don’t panic.  It’s time to take account of what you are eating and if you need to make changes MAKE THE CHANGES.
Last week I gave you my nutrition tracking sheet, download it again here [Paul, please add pdf here]
Your body, your responsibility, it’s only too late if you don’t start now.
Support is here for you at Feeling Fantastic over Forty.  If you would like a 30 minute chat with me about where to start then please get in contact with me
Please take advantage or share with a friend because if I could help one more person today I will be a very happy woman.