I would like to talk this week about Malnutrition.

Which you may think is a problem in the third world, where food is a shortage and vegetables are a shortage but actually it’s a massive MASSIVE problem here too.

If you’re not eating your vegetables, fruits and getting the vitamins, minerals and roughage that you need, you are undernourished. If you survive on cakes, pastries and pies or ready meals and easy cook foods you are just so undernourished that you’re really really doing yourself a bit of harm …so malnutrition is a problem.

Lack of nutrition rather than lack of food, because you can have really have good nutrition a smaller bit of food.

What I really struggle with as a country where not doing enough to tackle this problem about food. We are just helping a problem about seat size and how to pass it on to people involved and not really helping or educating people enough in terms of nutrition on what’s good and not so good for them.

It seems like it’s all about making money for those “Health foods” which I may have spoken about those before! But really we’re just making someone else’s pocket healthier and bigger and not looking after you and your heart.

So make sure you not suffering malnutrition. Meal portion size is another subject, but make sure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, roughage, meat, fish and eggs in your system and stay away from goods what comes in packets with shed loads of ingredients down the side…… NOT GOOD!