So when I say listen to your body what exactly do I mean?

I was thinking about marathon runners or people who train day to day when the weather is bad and how they remain consistent with training, as sometimes the mind can play tricks with you on what’s really going on in your body.

So how do you differentiate listening to the your body from whats in your mind and in your words?

Its understanding (for example) whether you’re really coming down with a cold or is it you’ve just become disinterested in training, lost a bit of focus and your choosing to use sickness as an excuse to stop you achieving what you really want.

If your sick then thats fine, but if your not then why has it become an excuse for not training and such a resistance to you achieving your goals?

First of all acknowledge what you’re doing, because it’s so easy to say “oh it’s cold outside” which leads to ” I don’t feel well, I don’t want do it” because if you’re not careful these words become the reasons and excuses that stop you from getting what you want to achieve in life and the goals you’ve set for yourself.

It’s about the learning to listen to what you’re saying, giving yourself an opportunity to respond and saying actually ‘thats not what I want… because what I really want is to  become fitter, stronger, healthier, slimmer’ and so on! Sometimes when you need to find the right answers you have to sit, be quiet, look, listen and see what’s there. Because we live in a world that’s so fast, fast, FAST! we tend to make decisions instantaneously before actually stopping and thinking about what we’re saying.

When people make the snap decisions like ” i’m to busy or I haven’t the energy ” in effect are we making a decision for our bodies before we’ve had a chance to enjoy?

The older I’ve become I’ve learn’t to listen to what I’m saying, stop and catch myself before I decide whats best for me without rushing in. You may not enjoy bootcamps, lifting weights or training at 6 o’clock in the morning e.t.c but, if you’ve never tried it how do you know you won’t enjoy it and your body might get something good from it?

So the next time you find yourself in that moment stop and really take notice of what your saying, think about the benefits before making a decision. You never know you may missing out on an opportunity to change your situation in life.