Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 23.08.44Quite often in health and fitness we have this goal that we would like to reach.  Whether it’s looking your best for an occasion (wedding etc) or for a holiday (beach or ski) there always is a fixed date for it.

But once the date is reached and the goal achieved then what happens.
It seems that we feel so great from reaching the goal but don’t plan to continue enjoying it because we resort back to the way we were and then have to go through the process again.  And then again.
There are those sayings ‘to see a change you must make a change’ and ‘if you do the same thing you will always get the same results’.  And it’s true 2 + 2 will always equal 4, unless we do something different.

And that is how you reached your goal whether you changed your nutrition or took up exercise or engaged in different exercise or made changes to your lifestyle.  They all helped you achieve that body, that weight, that clothes size, that strength, that flexibility and agility.  Whatever you wanted and wanted to feel great about those changes made it happen for you.
But then we get to the goal and we resort back to our previous nutrition, exercise etc and we get back the old body, weight, clothes size, strength, flexibility and agility……and it seems to disappear in front of our eyes.

It’s because those old patterns are what we knew as ‘normal’.  And the new patterns we have been using are not normal enough so we go back to what we know.  And get everything back that we had and in many cases more weight also.

Our goal really is only the start of our new lifestyle.  The new behaviours and patterns that we engaged with to get the result we wanted need to be practiced consistently.  As that old saying goes ‘if you do the same thing you will get the same results’ so continue whatever you have been doing to get the results you wanted that made you happy and you will continue to be happy with the same results.  But if you change back to your old ways and patterns and ‘to see a change you must make a change’ works the other way too, change your nutrition and exercise back to what it was and your body will change back to what it was.

We all choose how we live our lives; make your choices for the results that will make you happy.
PS I am all about celebrating special occasions and having a drink and eating cake, but I keep them for special occasions only.