Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.20.00Now it is only 2 and a half weeks until our triathlon and when I say that it send a little wave of something through my body.  I’m not sure what it is fear/dread/excitement/panic but there is a feeling of something and a little tightening in my stomach.

And really what is the big deal, I can swim 400 metres, cycle 20 kilometres (although not actually practiced that) and run 5 kilometres.  I can do all that, I know I can do all that but still the ‘omg’ feeling still comes and I think it is a good thing.
We have been training for a few weeks now, which is probably the easy bit, the hardest is turning up.

What I mean is we have to turn up dressed and ready to go and do the training for that session.  You see once you are there you may as well do it, but you have to get there first.
And then we keep practicing and practicing and practicing until we get better at it……you know ‘practice makes perfect’.  Well I wouldn’t say that I am going to be perfection, but it means that I will give it my best shot at getting great results.  I am after a great result for me……..finishing!

This isn’t just relevant to event training, marathons, 10K, triathlon, it is also relevant to changing your lifestyle to be as fit and healthy or the shape that you desire.  It may be hard to eliminate sugar from your diet, but it can be done day after day after day.  The same as for the triathlon training, we turn up for it day after day after day.

Every day you practice again and then again the next day.  It gets easier you get used to it, it becomes more normal.  Some days may be hard, your menstrual cycle my play havoc with you, but there will always always be days that are easier.  Same is true with the triathlon training even now sometimes it’s hard and I feel like it’s my first day of training again, but it never is and the feeling doesn’t last.

So my message is if you want something remember to keep turning up and practicing, there may be hard days but they will pass and in the end you will get what you want, whatever it is.

But most of all KEEP TURNING UP…