Understanding Sugar

Quite often people come to me with the desire to lose weight, which they do, some kind of weight. And I am guilty as I talk about weight loss too. But my real passion is when someone looks in the mirror and they like what they see and they see what they like.

You see it doesn’t matter what the number on the scales says what really really matters is that you like what you see.

The scales allow us to compare our number with that of someone else but it does not take into account the composition of your body and you don’t know the other person’s body composition, so how can you compare. You may look at someone slim with very toned muscles and think because they are thin they are light BUT it’s a trap, very toned people are likely to weigh heavier because muscle by volume weighs heavier than fat BUT they look great………..doesn’t that just mess with your head.. I mean rationally you can understand it BUT then when you look at someone it doesn’t feel that way. And that is one of the hardest things I try to get across to people.

It used to be the same for me before I started my career in health and fitness in 2006 and really understanding how the body works and how to reach a good shape. We’ve all done it, got on the scales and don’t like the number and it changes our mood and once that has happened we can’t look in the mirror and see how beautiful we are because our mind is somewhere else.

If you never knew the number on the scales, but you liked way your clothes fitted you, your energy and your better moods, to only mention a few, would you care that you didn’t know that number……probably not.

So let’s concentrate on our shape and making the best of our shape. Making our clothes feel comfortable to wear, seeing our waist line, having a bounce in our step, waking up knowing that we will be full of energy, deciding to make the best of our shape is the one best thing you can do for yourself. I can guarantee no-one else will look after your body better than you do, put it first you want it to last you a long time.

So my advice is to ditch the scales, look at yourself in the mirror, look into your eyes and say ‘today I am going to be amazing, today I am gorgeous and today I am enough’ and repeat every day……..I bet it makes you smile and that can last you all day 🙂