Why water is so important!

When I’m talking about how the body and health I like to try and put it into terms of some other visual because not everyone understands the body in the same way as I do or about digestion and metabolism of food.

Another of my anti-passions besides sugar is processed food. Originally invented to provide convenience for an ever busy society where getting things done quickly has been control on the pace of life and this has spilled over into how we look after ourselves.

And there are some things out there that have come out of this process very well, frozen vegetables for example………..I am trying to think of some more!!

But unfortunately the way the foods have been put together is so that they are really quick to be ready to eat, within minutes. And to do this all the goodness has been taken out and something that tastes similar with little or no nutrition qualities has been added.

Valuable bits of nutrition are being lost through the process of putting these foods together. And then your body is lacking in them……oh I could talk about mal-nutrition in the 1st world until I am blue in the face so I’ll save that for another day.

What I want to talk about is the leftovers from convenience food, all the wrappers and plastic, all things that cannot be recycled. Imagine if all these were left lying around in the roads they would soon be blocked and cars and buses etc would not be able to get through. Fortunately though we have rubbish collection and landfill sites that deal with all that and take it away and we don’t get to see too much of it except for the bits that fall out of bins and some discarded litter.

How does this relate to our bodies? is she going to talk about waste products floating around our bodies and veins?
Absolutely not! You see our bodies are very similar to our environment. We put lots of rubbish in our bodies that has to be dealt with once the small elements of goodness have been extracted and then the waste needs to be dealt with.

Surely we excrete the waste don’t we? Well no, we excrete the waste from the natural food and that goes in the sewage.

I am talking about the waste that is left in our bodies. It doesn’t even float around our bodies causing a problem. Admittedly there are a few bits here and there that cause problems and maybe an obstruction every now and again, but only like a load of dumped rubbish.

The waste that is left is taken to our own landfill sites……..What? Where? Everyone’s landfill site is unique to them, mine is my abdomen and face. When I eat rubbish food that has no nutrition benefit to me and leave all the rubbish in my body that’s where it goes.

Where’s your landfill site? How long until it is really full? How long until your landfill sites join up together?
If you don’t like landfill then make a choice to change, and learning how to continue the change.
It’s all a choice, your choice…………..it will only be too late if you don’t start now.