personal trainer north london | finsbury parkCome on we have to talk about hydration and the amount of water we drink. We have had some really hot days recently, even when it is cloudy it is mugging and humid, and this is only one of the things that can make us dehydrated along with sun, wind, exercise, air conditioning, hot sweats, even typing at your computer.

Sometimes dehydration can go unnoticed, perhaps your busy or enjoying yourself and time passes by so quickly that you forget…we’ve all done that.

The effects of dehydration come on slowly as your body tries to continue functioning below ideal. Perhaps you have felt your mood change for no real reason, or feeling tired, lacking concentration and finding it hard to focus. These are all outward signs of dehydration that your body is screaming for water.

Getting into the habit of drinking more water daily is essential.

Not only does help with managing your mood, your concentration, your focus, your energy but also help with weight loss and weight management and also help with your menopause symptoms.

And besides paying for your water rates water is free at home and also available at the majority of outlets in handy size bottles……note prices may vary, for no other reason than they can.

Be smart, drink water often every day.

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