personal training in North LondonAre you waiting for the 1st January, the day after your birthday, after your husband’s/wife’s/friend’s/child’s/Christmas or when the box of chocolates is finished?  Or any number of excuses you can think of for not starting NOW.
You know what you want but you can’t get started for some reason or another.  Even if there are plenty of ideas or solutions you have got an answer for everything…
You know the feeling?  I know that feeling, I have been there and I can think of hundreds of excuses.  The trick though is realising that they are excuses and that you are getting in your own way, the problem and the solution.
But then once you know what you are doing at least you know how to put it right.  Here’s some ideas;

Starting tomorrow I’ll drink more water: – Start NOW
I’ll go on a diet on the 1st January: – Start eating more vegetables (for example)  NOW
My exercise regime starts on Monday: – Go for a short walk NOW

I’ll read that information tomorrow: – Read it NOW
Do you see the thread……do it NOW.

MY motto is it’s only too late if you don’t start NOW.  There is nothing wrong, in fact there’s all to be had, from being over ready, over prepared, over informed.  The opposite is to always be struggling to get where you want to go, feeling like it’s too hard, that you’re running out of time, that you left it so late that you are feeling anxious and stressed.
Once you have decided what you are doing, going for a walk every day, eating more vegetables etc, then keep doing it.  Each day is another chance to practice doing it until it becomes so natural that you don’t give it a second thought.
So even if you start today and have a party on Saturday night that’s okay, the party is a small part of the week and not the whole week.
Yeah but?!

If you are concerned about the best exercise to do, don’t be.  As long as you are doing something it will make an improvement on where you are now.  And if you are already doing something, add in something else to make the extra bit of difference.