Emotional Eating | Weight loss For women Over 40 | Personal trainer in North LondonEmotional Eating, it can catch you unawares before you know it.  Most of the time I write about things that are happening to me or that someone has mentioned to me.  This one was nearly happening to me.
Here’s the background to it happening.  Yesterday I was with a couple of guys, friends of mine having a little get together.  Anyway the long and the short of it one of them challenged me about something and I felt threatened and responded defensively.

The content of the conversation is not important but the feeling it gave me is.
Last night I was thinking about it, I was a little upset and was thinking of lots of things that I could have said and next time I will say…….hindsight is an awesome tool!

And then even this morning I was thinking about it again.  It was totally on my mind.  It went for a run with my client and then went to meet my friend for a swim and I was still thinking about the conversation from the night before.  But this is what happens…the thoughts go round in your head for way too long.

In the car I thought why Alison are you giving him so much power to make me be still thinking about that conversation.  I could feel myself agitated with the world and I was beginning to direct my anger and annoyance at other drivers (they didn’t know it though).
And then I became totally aware of what I was doing and what I had allowed to happen.  Everybody is allowed their opinion and likewise so am I.  And I had allowed myself to believe what he said to be the right way and because I had done something another way I was wrong.  And that was my biggest mistake.

I am responsible for my actions and my reactions.  It was my reactions that allowed me to think I was wrong, doing something wrong and could have been doing better.  But you know what, if I am happy with the way that I have/am doing something then that is totally fine.  What isn’t fine is to allow myself to unsettled because of what someone else has said.
Fortunately I had this ‘aha’ moment before I opened the packet of chocolate biscuits I had bought on my way home the evening before.  We are all human.

So the next time someone irritates you and makes you feel unsettled/irritated/angry/neglected/or any other emotion, please don’t give them your time and energy and analysing the conversation again and again.  Say (in your head) ‘thank you very much for your opinion, but I don’t agree with it’ and then move on to looking after you.

Your energy is for you; don’t waste your energy on someone that isn’t worthy of it….and leave the biscuits in the shop