Now the colder weather is coming it is very tempting to turn to carbohydrates potatoes, rice, pasta and bread for fuel and warmth.  Keep away from these as you have done through the summer and beginning of autumn, your body is now used to functioning without them.

Stock up on vegetables, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower and other seasonal vegetables to get your carbohydrate this way.  An essential element of each meal is protein, meat, fish, eggs, soya and quinoa.  Include at least one protein with each meal to keep you full and remove the temptation for carbohydrates.  Soup is a great winter warmer but without the protein it won’t keep you full enough for long enough.  Foods high in natural saturated fat are also essential nuts, seeds and avocado.

By continuing the nutrition plan that you started, removing alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy (except full fat natural live yoghurt), processed food, wheat, gluten and carbohydrate you will be able to enjoy a guilt-free Christmas.  ‘It is not to eat every mince pie (or other festive food) that you see but only the ones you know you will really enjoy.’  Take a moment to ask yourself ‘will I enjoy this mince pie (or other festive food)?’ or am I only eating it to be polite, bored, following the crowd, miserable, it’s there, may as well, it’s the last one, because I can, no-one will know? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you won’t really enjoy it and it’s not the time to eat it.

We know that when we focus on one thing at a time and totally focus on it then it is much more pleasurable and enjoyable.  Make a conscious effort to be totally focused on your food when you eat, no eating on the run, no multi-tasking such as making lists or reading emails or watching the television, the whole 100% of the time is focused 100% on the food and the eating process.  This is for all eating, eating your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, even an apple.

It has been proven that when your mind is elsewhere when you are eating you will not register the food and you will eat again very soon.  You are the most important person to you so give yourself the 100% focused attention that you deserve.