Are you guilty of eating on the move?  Do you think about what you are eating or is your mind somewhere else?

We all know that if we only do one thing at a time we make a much better job of it; multi-tasking is a thing of the past.  And the same goes for multi-tasking at meal times too.  Working through lunch and eating sandwich at your desk has to stop.

Take some time out for yourself, rest your eyes, rest your brain and allow your mouth and digestive system do a different kind of ‘work’.  The digestive process starts in the mouth and the smaller the particles that you swallow the easier it is for the digestion, so make sure you chew your food.  It’s a fact that people who eat slower and chew their food more are less likely to put weight on.

So stop, take your lunch break away from your desk, concentrate about what you are eating, and how you are eating it.  Allows the digestion process to start, give it as much help as possible and allow time for the food to settle in the stomach and then go back to work.  Guaranteed you will feel much better, be more alert and produce better work.

Try it for one week