Personal trainer north londonHave you ever been asked to fill in a food diary?
I’ve asked my clients to and I know it can be pretty tedious and pretty boring…….sorry!  But at the time I didn’t know another way.
The previous food diary I had asked people to write in what food they’d had and when and how they were feeling and the amount.  Asking them to out on each morsel that had passed their lips and then for me to be able to pass judgement on it… awful is that.
Let’s be honest, we’re all adults here and we all know what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ food….right?  I know you do and we all know when we need to eat and also when we are eating and it is not necessary.  And the basis of good nutrition it to eat good food when you need it.
If only it was that easy….
Well it is, I have, with the help of my friend John Hardy, got the ideal Nutrition Tracking System that will help you keep track.  You decide whether what you are eating is good or bad and whether you need it or not needed.
Watch the video and download your copy and help track your food from today because nutrition is key to looking after your body.

Click here to download your food tracking sheet

Okay so now you have the Tracking Sheet please use it. Watch where you are filling it in and then make the appropriate changes you need to make. Nutrition is important, nutrition is key.

Any questions or queries please email