Don’t Be Afraid To Eat……………….it is how we stay alive, along with water and oxygen.

There is a big misconception that eating makes you fat.  Well, although there are exceptions to the rule (I’ll talk about that later) in general it doesn’t, BUT not eating doesn’t help you to lose weight.

Eating is natural, every single living creature on the planet eats to stay alive, but humans have more choice about what and when they eat.  And that is what we need to re-learn.

There is so much choice on eating it has become confusing, so confusing.  In this short article I’m going to try and simplify a few things for you.


  • Keeping it simple is the number one rule; NOTE: not to be confused with easier.  Simple foods, this is foods that only have one ingredient such as eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit.  You can put them together in your own recipe or cook separately, but when you start with simple ingredients you will have a more nutritious meal to eat.
  • Plan you meals so you know what and when you are going to eat.  It is important to eat regularly to replenish the energy that your body has used during the day.  By planning you remove those moments of having nothing and ending up in the shop where there are too many choices and too many shiny packets.
  • Beware of food that comes in shiny or brightly coloured packets.  This is designed to catch your eye and look desirable, some are even called healthy options, but we know that the healthy option is a single ingredient and doesn’t grow in brightly coloured packets.
  • Beware of so called healthy options, we easily believe what is written on the packet, we think that the people producing this processed food (I like to call it plastic food) have our best health in their interests.  THEY DON’T, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY, and they are in business to make money.
  • Note how often you see natural foods advertised on television, eggs sometimes, red rooster potatoes recently and I can’t think of anymore.  How many processed foods do you see advertised, all the time………and telling you they are the healthy option………NO, they are not.

I believe in eating as natural as possible.  Quite often these easy processed plastic foods cost us more than we realise in our health, our pocket and the way we function mentally and physically.

It’s only too late if you don’t start now.