Interview With Alison

1.Who are you?

I am the creator of the ‘Feeling Fantastic over Forty’ programme which is the only programme that helps women over forty to lose weight easily and effortlessly and most importantly to keep it off. And then look and feel fantastic.

2.What can I expect from the ‘Feeling Fantastic over Forty’ programme?

The Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme is the only programme designed for women in their 40’s and above. Once we hit 40 and over our bodies change and it increasingly becomes more difficult to stay in shape or shift that unwanted body fat that we have begun to store. The Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme works using metabolism boosting exercise, nutrition and mindset for long term personal sustainable results.

3.What makes you different from other personal trainers?

Feeling Fantastic over Forty came about because I became aware that feeling fantastic differed at different ages and need a different set of criteria to make it happen. So I am living proof that my programme works as it is the programme that I follow and I am over forty. Everything that I use with my clients I have tested on myself, so I know it works. Having not been a consistent exerciser and finding this programme worked and improved my health, weight and fitness when I was over forty, I know this will work for other women too.

The Feeling Fantastic over Forty programme is not just about delivering exercise sessions, it is about delivering results, the results that you want through healthy eating and nutrition and mindset for sustainable results that continue to work for many many years.

4.Why should I work with you?

Because I am just like you, over forty and wanting energy, weight loss, motivation, direction and reduced stress. I know the tools that make all these things happen for you and your body. I am learning all the time from myself, my peers and my mentors about the body and what happens with the changes of the menopause. I want the changes in my body to be easy and I want to be able to understand them.

I became really aware of my body just after I turned 40, all of a sudden I was heading towards a clothing size I didn’t like. I know how hard it is to make those changes and kick those habits that you have hung onto for years. I have never been one for dieting, that feels too much like deprivation but I LOVE (mindset) CHANGE because that is when the magic of body transformation really takes place.

5.I have tried everything, how do I know this will work?

You know what hasn’t worked for you and I know what works for me and all the other successful people who have been through my programmes. Go to the Success Stories page to read about their experiences and how FANTASTIC THEY now FEEL.

6.What results can I expect?

You can expect to see significant results in 4 weeks. My clients on my Gold programme have been known to lose on average 20cm from the body and 2 – 4 Kg in the first 4 weeks. This is the start of long term change and it is easily sustainable after the programme has finished.

7.How quickly will I see results, I’m impatient?

Depending on the programme that we decide is the best for you depends on how quickly you get to your final result, but you will start to see and feel results in 4 weeks whatever the programme.

8.Where do you train?

I can train you at a gym, park, your office or your home. The programmes are designed to fit into your life and I like to allow flexibility for that to happen.

9.Can I speak to some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

You sure can. Feel free to contact any of them on the success stories page.

10.I want to do this, will it cost me a lot of money?

Congratulations for making the big step of a decision towards your goal and making a change.
You are correct this is an investment in you but this is going to be the one time that you say ‘I AM NUMBER 1’ and want to look after myself better and I want to FEEL FANTASTIC. This is a short term investment for the length of the programme but the results are sustainable for the rest of your life.

There is a money back guarantee if you are really not happy with your achievements at the end of the programme.

11.Money back guarantee, what’s that?

Exactly that, I am so confident that my programme works that at the end of your programme where you have followed the programme set out by me and you are not happy with the progress and achievements you have made I will give you your money back. No questions asked and no hard feelings. I have never yet given out a money back refund because the programme works. I have the guarantee there for your peace of mind.

12.Okay I have made up mind and I want to work with you. How would I know which programme suits me best?

If you like a lot of hand holding, you need to be cared for every step, you haven’t exercised properly before and you like to see results fast. Then you would benefit from the Fast Fix Package.

If you have done some exercise and you have times that you do exercise or active hobbies then you probably don’t need as much hand holding and are happy with a longer programme. The Busy Bodies Package would probably suit you best.

If you are in need a life transformation and have years of bad habits that need changing, you need hand holding and direction, you want maybe for the first time to really feel fantastic and start to live your dream. The Living The Dream package would be the most suited to you.

13.How do we get started?

Congratulations and welcome to Feeling Fantastic over Forty, this is probably the best personal decision you have made for you.

Here’s what to do,

either go to the package page and complete the form there to start the process or Email my support team at and we’ll be happy to get your started.

14.And if I have any further questions, can I contact you?

Of course! Congratulations for taking action.  Email the team at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


I am so looking forward to meeting and getting started with you. Life really does begin after 40. Here’s to YOU FEELING FANTASTIC.