Expert Marathon Training 5k to 26.2 miles

Marathon Training programme to raise confidence, experience and motivation
“Some days it will feel like you can’t run a marathon but you’ll spend a lifetime knowing that you have” (London Marathon magazine), no-one can ever take that away from you

This is an online/offline group programme to get you through your distance, whether it’s 10k, half a marathon or a full marathon.

Are you a first-time marathon runner?  Have you run before but want to improve on your time?  Are you having a tough time due to events outside of your training and your control?  Are you training alone and need support and a group to chat with?

Then this programme is just for you!

Who is Alison Graham and how can she coach this stuff?

I have been a personal trainer in the fitness industry since 2007 and have run 3 London marathons, all of which have been very different.  I have run many half marathons and a few 10k’s too.

2007 – my first marathon.  Not quite sure what I had got into and learning loads of new stuff about running, mindset, nutrition, rest days and cross training.

2009 – my second and fastest marathon.  This was a brilliant year.  I trained better and had the confidence of experience from my marathon two years previous, it was my fastest one too

2012 – my slowest marathon.  My dad died unexpectedly during my training.  I had started well but this sudden news had a huge impact on my training and I had to learn different methods for my mindset.

Using my own personal experience, my education and knowledge I will help you build your confidence and stamina for this endurance race.


The package includes all the following…..

5 personal training sessions – delivered either face to face or via Skype.  Running a marathon is about more than running.  It’s very much a mental challenge so having a strong body is halfway to getting there………knowing you are strong helps you push through any tough times

Training schedule for you to follow right up to race day – having a plan to follow takes away any shall I shan’t I options, it’s all set out in black and white

Food diary support using the Facebook group– getting nutrition right also helps.  Knowing what you will eat as you get closer to race day is important.

The Facebook Group – for full support during the training period covering motivation, nerves, celebrating achievements, aches and pains, any questions that you have in a supportive environment with other people doing exactly the same

Post-race support, changing nutrition habits and what to do now you’re not training – what happens once it is all over. This is all about getting back to eating correct portions and managing your energy afterwards and the feeling of ‘what shall I do with my time now?’

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