Busy Bodies

  • You want to lose 1-2 stone (6 – 12Kg).
  • You are aware of what you should be doing but you’re not managing to find the time to do it alone.
  • You are conscious that it is not as easy since you turned 40, you want to know how to do it and how to stay on track.

Where you’re at

  • You’ve tried different routines at the gym, played some sport and may even have had a personal trainer but you are still struggling.
  • You are confused by which foods are good and bad and have fallen into your comfortable routine which isn’t giving you the best benefits.
  • You have decided that it is time for this to stop and for you to live the rest of your life feeling fantastic.
  • You are struggling to find consistency and motivation.

What you issues tend to be

  • Your work has become to be more of your life than you intended it to be.
  • You know what to eat, but you’re not doing it.
  • You struggle to stay on a programme when you are not accountable
  • There are too many opinions to listen to and you don’t know which one will deliver the correct results for you.
  • You struggle to focus on the results and think too much about how hard the journey is.

What you need right now

  • You need a step by step proven formula that will help you lose weight easily and effortlessly and most importantly keep it off.
  • You need to follow a specific plan which is easy to follow.
  • You need to know what exercises to do, what to eat and to  know you have the support to stick to it consistently.
  • You need something that is proven and has worked for others before to give you confidence to know that you will start to feel and look fantastic quickly.
  • You want to know what to do and how to do it, see results quickly and know you are moving forward, losing weight and keeping it off.

The programme that will suit you best is the Six Month Gold Programme.

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